Your Body Self-Heals When Subluxations Are Removed!

Your body is self-healing! It’s always working to maintain a state of homeostasis, while physical, emotional, and chemical traumas are constantly fighting to draw your body away from homeostasis. When your body is able to overcome illness, injury, and disease on its own it is self-healing, but when the body is overcome by illness, injury, and disease it’s forced to adapt. Adapting and healing are very different biological responses. The good news is your body has the exact same healing power as that of the healthiest of people. The difference between their health and yours comes down to daily decisions and the removal of subluxations.

Health is the sum total of the choices we make.

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Health is a continuum in which we are all constantly, but not always consistently, traveling toward optimal health or toward chronic disease. In other words, every interaction your body has with its environment draws you toward health or disease. Recall the many traumas your body can undergo – medications, processed foods, physical injuries, emotional stress. Every one of these traumas draws you away from optimal health. Disease is not happen-chance, it is the sum total of the interactions your body has had, or is going to have, with the outside world. Your body will take one of two routes in response to these interactions, or traumas – your body will heal itself from within, or be forced to adapt.

What is healing?

Healing has been defined as bringing the entire person (physical, emotional, and spiritual) into a state of wholeness. Illness, trauma, and disease serve as a threat to optimal healing. This healing does not always feel good. Some “healing symptoms” are often misunderstood. Examples of healing symptoms include fever,vomiting, rash, and even physical pain and mental stress. What draws health away is subluxations of the spine, not symptoms of the healing response. A perfectly healthy child has fevers to combat bacteria and viruses within the body. Fever is not a sign of ill-health, but rather a sign of optimal healing!

When a subluxation is present some, many, or all bodily systems are unable to function as they are intended to function. With a subluxation present your body turns to adapting to traumas instead of healing from traumas. Until the subluxation is removed you will continue to adapt and move away from true health. A great example of the human body adapting is how the spine will move and shift following a trauma that causes misalingment or subluxation. This kind of adaption is called “The Righting Reflex”.¬†

Upper cervical chiropractors remove subluxations, and make way for healing.

Upper Cervical doctors are specifically trained to detect, analyze, and remove a subluxation of the spine. Because the body is unable to correct subluxations on its own, it requires an outside force. We use an instrument which delivers a gentle correction to only the cervical vertebrae in your neck. This gentle force does not cure illnesses; it does, however, rehabilitate the nervous system and allow the body to self-heal. It’s the nervous system which combats illnesses naturally from within the body! When the nervous system is free of subluxation, healing WILL occur! Imagine living life in a body with a nervous system that functions exactly how it is designed to function, what a life that would be!

Meet Jean, a wellness patient in our office!

Jean Scoggins - Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Tulsa

Jean is a patient in our office and the husband of Jon, who is featured on the trauma article. Jean’s story is like many of our patients who were, at first, skeptical of Upper Cervical Care. Jean’s husband was healing under Upper Cervical Care long before she decided to accept an appointment. She says about her condition, “I had severe intermittent pain below my right ear, at times it felt like someone was stabbing me with an ice-pick. It hurt so much.” Many people fail to understand that chiropractors are nervous system doctors, not bone doctors.

For too long Jean believed her body needed medication to heal. She says, “I tried various things to help with the pain – heat, ice, ear drops, antibiotics, steroids, pain medication – but absolutely nothing helped. After seeing how much my husband’s pain was improving I decided to accept an appointment with Dr. Garman.¬†Upper Cervical Care changed my life. I recommend Dr. Opal and Dr. Michael because they truly care about their patients.”

Jean’s pain didn’t stop right away, her body did take some time to heal. With every appointment her pain became less and less until it eventually left altogether. What matters is not how quickly your body heals, but that IT IS HEALING. Both Jon and Jean have been consistently moving toward greater health. They both made a decision to correct the CAUSE of the pain rather than cover it up with medications. Overwhelming evidence exists to show that their bodies are finally functioning as they are intended to function – they are healing from within rather than adapting!

Jean Scoggins Tells Her Story About Finding Pain Relief and Her Best Health Through Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

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