Where’s the Evidence Proving Chiropractic Works?

Evidence Proving Chiropractic Works | Does Chiropractic Really Work

Does chiropractic really work? Are chiropractic patients being fooled into believing they are healthier after being corrected?

We’ve been doing this a long time now – 16 years in total. We’ve seen the physical evidence through x-rays and resolved health conditions. We’ve also heard our patients and our patients families tell us how incredibly surprised they to see pain disappear and become altogether healthier.

People are often surprised to hear of the vast number of reasons for which our patients visit our office. Some do visit our office for issues like neck and back pain, however, they soon learn how the pain they experience is a signal pointing to a more serious issue lying within their nervous system. We know issues with the nervous system arise out of trauma like car accidents and sport injuries. After all, we’ve all seen the front and center news about concussions in the NFL. But trauma can be more than physical. Believe it or not emotional trauma and chemical trauma can cause damage to the nervous system, too.

When you come to understand how the body works as an single unit versus of a lump of individual parts it’s easy to see how symptoms and health issues that are seemingly unrelated are, in fact, connected.

Dr. Drew Hall, Upper Cervical Chiropractor from Los Angeles, explains why Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care works for a wide range of health issues by rehabilitating the nervous system.

Evidence Chiropractic Works!

Since 2012 Upper Cervical of Tulsa has been gathering data on patients’ conditions by surveying each patient before and multiple times throughout their course of treatment. The following stats were compiled January 2016. We’ve included 56 of the most common complaints our patients present with. Notice several health issues resolve 100% of the time under chiropractic care. Ear Infections improve 100% of the time with and average improvement of 92.9%! Another unexpected health condition corrected by chiropractic is Asthma, improving 100% of the time by an average of 85%. In fact we’ve had several patients avoid tubes in the ears and asthma medication with Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care.

But take a look, because the data really does speak for itself.

Re-Evaluation Data – RESULTS (PRINT SHEET) – (updated stats gathered through March 2018)

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