What Triggers Allergies?

Let’s talk about what triggers allergies? We have many patients under Upper Cervical Care for allergy relief, and many of those patients have told us what triggers their allergy symptoms. They’ll mention things like pollen, dander, pets, shellfish, a certain tree in a certain park, dairy, nuts, and the list goes on. But what we have noticed over many years of collecting data on our patients is that these triggers are an illusion.

Allergies, An Illusion?Allergies, Treatment for Allergies, Windsor Study

The definition of an illusion is, “a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses; or a false idea or belief”, according to Google. It may be hard to believe that you have been misdirected about your allergies for as long as you can remember. None of likes to be duped. None of us wants to find out that we’ve been going about our health the wrong way. But, if your beliefs about health are an illusion, would you make some changes?


Let’s Use Migraines, For Example

The story with allergies isn’t much different than that of migraines. When patients with migraines begin care in our office they mention the cause of their migraines being bright lights, atmospheric pressure, caffeine (or lack of), sounds, altitude, stress, foods, and so on. Then something happens. At some point during their Upper Cervical Care, their migraines go away. It’s important to mention that these patients are typically trying Upper Cervical Care as a last ditch effort, because they have already exhausted all options in the battle against their migraines and have experienced no relief. When the migraines go away, they notice that their list of triggers remains present in their lives, and they are finally able to make the connection that, all along, they have been living under an illusion about the cause of their migraines. That leads us to asking our patients whether their migraine triggers were ever, in fact, the CAUSE of their migraines. The answer is no!

Those patients who had lived for years with migraines on a daily/weekly basis believing the cause was the fluorescent lighting in their office now find they are able to work all day under those same lights without experiencing any migraines at all. So what changed? If the triggers aren’t the cause, if the triggers are an illusion, what is the cause of those migraines? And what is the cause of allergies? Could the cause be exactly the same? And if the cause is the same for allergies and migraines, does that mean this shared cause could be to blame for many other diseases and illnesses?

The Windsor Study

Dr. Windsor, a medical doctor at the University of Pennsylvania, set out to disprove chiropractic nearly 100 years ago. His objective was to find the diseased organs and see if the spinal nerves which control those organs were affected. What Dr. Windsor found was to his dismay. He actually ended up proving the theory of chiropractic when he took 97 cadavers, located their diseased organs, and traced the nerves connected to each organ all the way back to the spinal cord. He found dislocations (or misalignments/subluxations) at the spinal attachment location over 95% of the time. In other words, nearly 100% of the time, there was a misalignment of the spine where the nerves attached and led back to the diseased organ!

A subluxation is a misalignment of the cervical vertebrae located near the brain stem that impairs the nervous system.

What truths does this tell us about the human body, disease, and health?

  • Nervous system function is VITAL to disease and illness prevention throughout the entire body.
  • Some type of trauma must have occurred in order for the spine to be misaligned: emotional trauma, physical trauma, birth trauma, or chemical trauma.
  • Disease and illness are not born out of a lack of medication.
  • Just as illness and disease come from within the body, so does healing.
  • The body should be treated as a whole, not just as individual parts and pieces.
  • The cause of a diseased organ isn’t within the diseased organ, itself.
  • Sick people have a misalignment or subluxation of the spine 95% of the time.
  • The human body cannot function at 100% when a misalignment or subluxation is present.
  • Medicine is the study of disease and dying.
  • Medicine covers up the cause of illness and disease.
  • There is evidence from the medical industry proving the theory of chiropractic.
  • Chiropractic is the study of health and living.
  • Chiropractic removes the cause of illness and disease.
  • Chiropractic can be used to optimize wellness.
  • Disease and illness do respond to chiropractic care, as the goal of chiropractic is spinal alignment which restores nerve function.
  • A misalignment/subluxation does not correct itself, and cannot be corrected with medication.

The Biggest Myth About Chiropractors

The biggest myth about chiropractors is that we are bone doctors manipulating pain for our patients. This couldn’t be further from what we do in our office. Upper Cervical Care is Nervous System Care! We locate and remove subluxations of the upper cervical spine in order to restore function of every nerve, tissue, and cell in the body, therefore bringing the body into optimal health and wellness. We believe there are three foundations to health: Upper Cervical Care, nutrition, and movement. When a person includes all three of these elements in the healthcare routine, outstanding results will be seen, even with allergies!