Chiropractic Has A Unique History!

The first chiropractic patient experienced restored hearing!

120 years ago the first chiropractic adjustment was given by D.D. Palmer to a man who had lost his hearing. Chiropractic adjustments for hearing loss? What!? Three days later his hearing was restored and soon word got out that chiropractic was a cure for deafness. People started flocking to Iowa to be seen by the doctor who had made this discovery in hopes their own hearing would return. While not everyone got their hearing back, everyone did experience positive changes in their health. Again, word got out, and before long people were visiting D.D. Palmer confident their own health would be rejuvenated. Chiropractic grew at such a rapid pace that the mainstream medical profession took notice and decided something needed to be done to slow the progress, after all, their own patients were now turning to chiropractic care for an assortment of health issues instead of their medical doctors.

Chiropractic - BJ Palmer

Medicine is the study of disease and what causes man to die. Chiropractic is the study of health and what causes man to live.

– B.J. Palmer

Chiropractic begins to experience resistance from the traditional medical model.

One medical doctor took special notice and decided to disprove D.D. Palmer’s theory that “dis-ease” in the body is caused by displacement of anatomical parts (vertebrae). What Dr. Windsor found was to his dismay. He actually ended up proving the theory of chiropractic when he took 97 cadavers, located their diseased organs, and traced the nerves connected to each organ all the way back to the spinal cord. He found dislocations at the attachment location over 95% of the time. Thankfully, Windsor published the study anyway, furthering the progress and reputation of chiropractic care. This didn’t go over well with mainstream medicine and in 1963 a “Committee on Quackery” was formed in order to disband chiropractors. Over the span of many years the committee used every means necessary to give chiropractic a bad name. Their most extreme efforts included convincing government officials that chiropractors were practicing medicine without a license, resulting in many chiropractors being jailed, sometimes for years at a time. These chiropractors had a zeal and passion for what they had seen chiropractic do for thousands of people. They had been convinced that chiropractic is what people needed in order to live their best life.

The Supreme Court finds favor with chiropractic!

In the 1980’s, not long ago, the Supreme Court finally ruled that the American Medical Association had a long history of illegal activity against the chiropractic profession. Although this did free chiropractic professionals to practice more freely, there was still a longstanding reputation to build up that had been squashed for nearly 100 years.

Why would the American Medical Association fight to end chiropractic?

So why would the AMA fight so hard against chiropractic? It boiled down to a difference in philosophy. Chiropractic philosophy is formed on vitalism, meaning the body is self-developing, self-organizing, self-maintaining, and self-healing. Mainstream medicine is on board with all parts of this philosophy except that the body is self-healing. We believe that the body is able to heal itself without medication, without surgery, and without major intervention, and that all these efforts should be a last resort, not a first resort.