Start Using Our SKED App

SKED for Upper Cervical Chiropractic of TulsaWe are so excited to announce that you are now in the driver seat with scheduling and rescheduling your appointments! We understand that you are busy, and we’ve found a solution for you that we think you’ll love! Here’s how it works…

What is SKED?

It’s an app that links directly to our appointment book. It’s user friendly and it communicates with us on your behalf. If you reschedule an appointment we get an automatic notification of your appointment change. Pretty awesome, right?

SKED Card.png

How do I get the SKED app?

  1. Go to your app store
  2. Search SKED.Life
  3. Download SKED.Life
  4. Enter Provider ID – 98254433
  5. Enter Member ID – 5 digit number on your check-in card (if you have multiple family members under care each person will use their unique Member ID #)
  6. Create Password
  7. Option to Manage Family Members – if you have multiple family members under care then you are all grouped together and you have the option to manage their appointments, simply turn on the family members you wish to manage
  8. Manage Settings – by default the settings are turned on for every notification option (text, e-mail, and push notification)
  9. Special Appointments – because we prepare in advance for Progress Exams and Re Evaluation Appointments you will receive a pop-up notification upon attempting to reschedule these types of appointments stating you will need to contact us directly to reschedule
  10. Troubleshooting – SKED is relatively new, if your app isn’t working properly, reboot the app, you may be required to log back in

You can even use SKED on our website!

Simply click “Schedule” in the main menu of our website from any page. Or, take this shortcut to get straight there.

All this tech stuff isn’t your cup of tea?

No worries! You can continue to use your check-in card and contact our office directly to manage your appointments. It is ALWAYS our pleasure to serve you!

Change is vital as we continuously strive to improve how we serve you! Thanks for walking through all our changes as we walk into creating the best practice we can for the best people we get to love and serve!