Spring Clean Your Body-Dinner

You have sacrificed your fats all day for this! Good job! now you can add a little meat. yay!

keep the meat 2-4oz and hormone and antibiotic free. Clean, Salt water fish is best. Stay clear of farm raised.

Baked Organic Russet Potato with hummus or avocado mashed in and top with salt/pepper.

steamed asparagus with portobello mushrooms mixed in and seasoned just right with garlic powder, onion powder and salt and pepper.

You like bread? try some gluten free bread with some miyokos vegan butter. or just drizzle a little honey on it and call her good!

This meal is just an example of what a ‘healthy’ meal could contain. Meat is just an option of course. You can always skip it and add another green! Greens are high in protein!