Partially Paralyzed Man Recovers After Upper Cervical Care

Chiropractic care defined in the simplest of terms is a rehabilitation of the nervous system. That’s it! The bundle of nerves within the spinal column become compromised resulting in the body unable to perform functions necessary to maintain health. At the extreme end of this trauma to the spine is paralysis. When Christopher Reeve fell from a horse it was trauma to the spinal cord that resulted in his total paralysis. To a much lesser degree, trauma to the spinal cord is what causes many health conditions like migraines, PMS, TMJ, allergies, and even adhd. Check out this list of symptoms and conditions our office has gathered data on since 2012 – that’s roughly 300 patients worth of data.

One patient of ours came to us in 2000, six years after he suffered a horrific automobile accident that broke his neck and resulted in a diagnosis of partial paralysis. The doctors said his condition was permenant and irreversible and there was nothing more they could do to help his condition or relieve his pain. At first they said he may never walk again, he would never work, his life would never be the same. Physicians offered very little hope for his recovery.

But all of his healthcare professionals would be proven wrong six years later when James arrived at our office to receive his first Upper Cervical correction. Hear James tell his story.

Partial Paralysis Reversed by Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Upper Cervical Chiropractic can reverse some cases of paralysis by removing the obstruction on the nerves within the spinal cord. When James’ neck was broken vertebrae were shift out of alignment and into a position where constant pressure was being placed on nerves vital for a properly functioning body. After his first correction, the obstruction that had been present for all those years began to clear, and a way was made for nerves to begin rehabilitation and recover communication between the brain and the body, and the body and the brain.

Dr. Opal Garman explains the three physiological principles you must understand in order to learn how your body can heal and function better under Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care:

  1. How the body was created.
  2. How the body functions.
  3. How the body is designed to heal itself.




Additional sources supporting Chiropractic for paralysis: