Natural Teething Remedies for Teething Babies

Natural Teething Remedies, Baby Teething, McClain Baggett

I have a 10-month-old baby who I have literally caught gnawing on our wood stairs like some kind of addict. He’s been known to scrape his two little teeth across metal, plastic, and anything else that is, well… a thing. I find it disgusting and nerve racking, but it’s just what babies do. With my first child I often looked like a crazy person, trying to keep every little thing out of her mouth. I know now that that is and was impossible and I’m fully aware that she ate her fair share of grass, hair, and a variety of crusty floor treasures. I can live with it. That boosts their immune systems, right?

My 10-month-old, Solomon, was around 6 months when he got his first teeth. He started pouring out the inevitable monsoon of drool and I knew the teeth were soon to follow. He has been a typical “Mama’s boy” from the beginning, so I knew that he was somehow about to become even more clingy. In order to properly chase my toddler around all day, I wear Sol in my beloved Ergo all of the time. I started looking at teething toys and accessories that I could attach to my carrier since that’s essentially where he spends most of his days. There are a plethora of of said accessories but the majority of them are hideous, too expensive, or are made of things I can’t pronounce. I certainly don’t want my littlest love chewing on something like that. At least not for any extended period. I decided that, even though I don’t believe myself to be very creative, I was just going to make him something simple that he could chew on that wouldn’t stress me out. 

Baby Teething Should NOT Equal Chewing on Toxins

After purchasing some materials from a local craft store, I made a necklace for him to wear that he would be able to chew on to relieve his teething woes. My first necklace was made from wood beads and a small strip of t-shirt material. I was totally fine with it until, a few days in, I looked closely at the beads and noticed that he had scraped off pieces of the wood finish. He had presumably swallowed little bits of the wood finish which, by the way, I don’t even know what it was… lacquer? Yikes. I know that he probably consumes plenty of things I don’t know about while he’s crawling around, but I certainly don’t want to knowingly add to that problem! Natural Teething Remedies, Baby TeethingThat lead me to purchase raw and untreated wood beads instead. I had read that untreated wood would not only NOT allow bacteria to grow, but it actually has antibacterial properties! What an ideal thing for a baby to chew on! This was an “ah ha!” moment for me because I love any way that I can choose natural alternatives for myself and my family.

All Natural Teething Toys for Babies

I was excited to learn about the raw untreated wood being safe for my littlest love to chew because it meant one more victory in getting back to the basics. A lot of folks asked me where I got his necklace when they’d see him chewing it. Eventually I started a small business, making several affordable teething and nursing products that I love and use myself (well, mostly Solomon). I love seeing other babies find relief from teething pain with safe and natural materials AND look cute doing it! My stuff isn’t just for moms and babies. The things I make are for dads and toddlers as well. Solomon loves chewing on his daddy’s necklace! Several parents have bought my toddler necklaces to divert their kids who chew and suck on their fingers or sleeves. All this to say, I only put things in my shop that we really love and believe in!

Making Little Changes for A Big Impact!

A few years ago, I started being a bit more proactive and aware of what I was putting in my body (and my family’s). I had seen a quote somewhere that said,

“Every time you eat or drink, you are either fighting or feeding disease.”

That was a kicker for me. Now don’t get me wrong… I still enjoy Swiss Rolls and candy, but I eat a little less of that and a little more salad than I used to… or at least equal amounts. Moderation, right? I digress. After putting more thought into our food choices, I began to apply that to what we use and wear on our bodies as well. This has been a gradual process, but I know it’s a necessary one. I feel confident every time I’m able to choose natural, organic, etc, for anything we use. I make some of my own makeup from natural ingredients, our family loves and uses Essential Oils, we no longer use shampoo or conditioner (it’s not as gross as it sounds, I promise), we steer clear of processed foods as much as we can. These are a few of the ways that we have moved toward a more natural lifestyle. Transitioning is not always the easy or less expensive option, but it IS always worth it. 

If you are looking for motivation to switch to more natural/organic products, simply start paying more attention to ingredients. Check out what’s in the foods that you buy, read the labels on all the things in your shower. Do you know what they are? You don’t have to dive in head first, but choose one or two small things to start making the change in your lifestyle.

Natural Teething Remedies, Baby Teething

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