Member Resources/FAQ


How do I reschedule an appointment?

You can reschedule through the SKED app, online right here. You can also e-mail us at, or you can call our office at 918-742-2300 and speak to our amazing chiropractic assistants.

Can I reschedule any appointments through SKED?

You can reschedule all appointments except your Re Evaluation appointments. This is because there are preparations our team needs to make for Re Evaluations in the days prior to your Re Evaluation appointments. Please contact our office if you are receiving a message through SKED which says, “Can’t change this appointment”.

Can I schedule my entire family with SKED?

Of course! As long as we have your family grouped in our system you should be able to view and edit your family members’ appointments. To verify, open your SKED app, navigate to settings, and select Group. On the Manage Group Setting Page you will have the option to turn on and off each family member within your group.

How do I opt in and out of appointment reminder notifications?

On your SKED app navigate to Settings, the select Notifications, and select the notifications you would like to receive.

What if SKED isn’t working?

Try the following, restart your app, restart your phone, and/or update the app. If the app is still unresponsive our servers may be down, hang tight as we always try to troubleshoot our side as quickly as possible.

Do you close for holidays?

We close for major holidays. Our 2018 closings are Jan 1, Mar 23, May 28, July 4, Sept 3, Nov 23, Dec 24-27.

Closings TBA Oct 19.

What if I want to change the frequency of my visits, come more often, or less often?

Following the doctors recommendations for care is always best if you want to achieve optimal health. We do understand that time and finances play a factor in how you determine care for yourself. If you decided to pursue a frequency of care outside of the doctor’s recommendations you’ll need to complete a Patient Directed Care Waiver BLANK.



My payment declined, what should I do?

Life happens, we completely understand! If you have a payment decline then you will receive an automated e-mail with instructions: a) to make a payment immediately b) update your credit card information c) call our office and discuss making a different payment arrangement.

Do you offer discounts on care?

We offer a Pay-In-Full Discount of 10% (this discount is applied after the 5% Family Discount if you are eligible). We also offer a discount to direct family members of 5% per additionally family member. The first adult and first child under care are not eligible for the family discount, however, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th (and so on..) are eligible for the 5% Family Discount. This means some members can take advantage of a discount on the total cost of their care. All discounts are removed if care is stopped for any reason, and the cost of care is retroactively increased to the full cost of care.

Where can I access a copy of the Care Plan I signed?

We can upload a copy of your Care Plan to your SmartVault portal, or we can make you a copy in our office.

Where can I access the terms and conditions I agreed to?

Click here to access our Terms and Conditions.

How do I get receipts to send to my insurance company for reimbursement?

These forms are called Super Receipts. We process Super Receipts on a quarterly basis (January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1) and upload your forms directly to your SmartVault portal. Simply log in and retrieve your documents directly from your portal.

What is SmartVault and how do I access it?

Smartvault is a HIPAA compliant (meaning your information is secure) online portal. It’s as easy to work as e-mail. We will set your portal up and send you an e-mail which allows you to set your password and login. Each time we upload documents you’ll receive an e-mail notification. The uploaded documents remain on your portal for your convenience! Or, click here to login to SmartVault.


Chiropractic Care

What if I want to see a specific doctor?

We can certainly accommodate that request. Dr. Opal is available to members on MWF’s from 6:30 am to 9:00 am, and Dr. Michael is available to members on MWF’s from 8:30 am to 12:45 pm and also on MW’s from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. We cannot guarantee that you will always see one doctor or another as there may be times when a doctor is out of the office for personal reasons or caring for a member in crisis.

What is a Re Evaluation?

This is a two-phase appointment used to determine the progress you have made under your current care plan. Please allow for a total of 30 minutes for each appointment.

  • Re Evaluation #1 – First, you will report on the improvement of your symptoms. Then, you’ll be checked for a subluxation and you may have an x-ray before and after your correction.
  • Re Evaluation #2 – After you are checked for subluxation, we will review your report on how symptoms improved, as well as review your x-ray results. Then we will provide a plan of care for the next year.

What is the difference between Restoration Care and Wellness Care?

  • Restoration Care is only the initial care plan and typically lasts 3, 6, or 12 months. The purpose is to bring restoration to your body, to restore function and structure.
  • Wellness Care is the continued care following Restoration Care. The purpose of Wellness Care is to continue to improve on the wellness achieved throughout Restoration Care.

What if I don’t want x-rays?

We understand there may be apprehension in having x-rays. However, our care is based on very specific information gathered from a series of x-rays at your new member appointments. This series of x-rays is rarely ever gathered again within Wellness Care. You can expect to take one to two x-rays on a yearly basis for adults, and one to two x-rays every other year for children under twelve. We do our best to limit exposure, but you will receive the best care possible when we have all the information we need. Should you decide to forego any x-rays then we require an X-ray Waiver Form to be signed and completed, this form releases our practice from liability of any failure to detect or misdiagnose a subluxation due to the lack of the recommended xrays. Click X-RAY WAIVER FORM to access the form.

What if I want additional x-rays?

We do our best to accommodate your needs, however, we do not perform any x-rays which we believe are medically unnecessary for your safety.

How do I get a copy of my x-rays?

Just ask our amazing chiropractic assistants and they will upload your images to your SmartVault portal, or to a disc. We generally remove our markings if the x-rays are requested for another doctor.

What if I want to transfer care to another chiropractor?

We will gladly accommodate your transition, and provide you and your doctor with any information regarding your care, including x-rays, SOAP notes, and your file. You’ll need to complete this form in order to allow us to release your information, COORDINATION OF CARE FORM.

What if I want to stop care altogether?

We ask that you notify us as soon as possible so that we are able to reimburse any credits you may have. When you stop care your discounts are removed and the cost of care is retroactively increased to the full cost of care. Should you have an outstanding balance on your account, we ask that you pay in full within 30 days of stopping care, if you are unable to pay that balance in full, we can accommodate a payment plan. One percent interest is charged for any month a payment is not fulfilled.

What should I do if I have been in an automobile accident?

Notify us immediately, regardless of how you feel. Very slight trauma has the ability to influence how we give your corrections, and we always want to make sure we are providing the best care we can. If you choose to have our office bill on behalf of a claim we will need the following forms completed, PI FORM 1 and PI FORM 2. In this instance, you are still responsible for the balance in our office, we will bill on your behalf, and you will receive reimbursement directly through the payor of the claim.

What types of changes or updates should I share with you?

Everything from sport injuries, surgeries, automobile accidents, changes in medications, dental work which takes long periods of time, major changes in exercise, new commitments to other therapies, pregnancy, and even major emotional hardships. We believe in the “3 T’s” – toxins, thoughts, and traumas all have the ability to influence a subluxation.

I want to try surgery, or another therapy, can I suspend my care?

Absolutely! We request, if possible, that you settle your balance before leaving, or continue to make your monthly payments until your balance is settled. Depending on how much time has lapsed, and what types of treatments you have undergone upon your return to care we may require updated x-rays. You may require increased care for a period of time before resuming your previous care schedule.