Healing Foods & Supplement Consulting for Everyone

Why a Healing Foods Consultation?

We believe God designed our bodies to heal without medication. We believe in building healthcare on this truth, and in standing against the lie that our bodies are destined for disease. We believe God infused our planet’s clean food sources with micro-nutrients that hold the power to prevent and heal diseases! There are certain healing foods, and combinations of foods, that lend powerful healing capabilities against specific conditions and diseases.

Who is a Healing Foods Consultation for?

  • Anyone who seeks to live a lifestyle of disease prevention.
  • Anyone who seeks to heal from a medical condition without medication.
  • Anyone who seeks to reduce inflammation throughout their body.
  • Anyone who seeks to increase energy and focus.
  • Anyone who seeks to improve mental health.
  • Anyone who seeks to lose weight.
  • Anyone who seeks to gain weight.

How does a Healing Foods Consultation work?

Healing Foods consultations include two sessions. You’ll begin with a discovery session where Dr. Opal dives deep into symptoms, medications, habits, struggles, and goals. Dr. Opal then takes considerable time to develop an individualized and unique plan just for you. Your plan is delivered during another one-on-one session with Dr. Opal where you are given the opportunity to address any elements within the plan, which comes complete with healing foods and supplement recommendations that will definitely improve your overall health potential!

If you believe you need healing that goes beyond the ability of healing foods, we recommend our Breakthrough to Wellness Consulting, where we pair the power of healing foods with 30 days of healing toxic thoughts and beliefs that may be standing in the way of your physical health. This is the perfect approach for anyone who feels like they have tried many ways of improving health, yet nothing seems to work the way it should.

Will my plan include supplements?

Most likely your plan will include supplements. The goal is always to use whole foods as the primary focus of healing, however, some individuals face adversities when starting on a path to healing with foods. During your transition to adapting a whole foods lifestyle we work with you to fill in the gaps with safe and well planned supplements. It’s important to use a health professional when using supplements, especially if you are combining supplements with other supplements or medications. Here are factors to take into consideration when it comes to safety:

  • Is the supplement made with safe ingredients?
  • Are they tested for safety, and how?
  • Is the supplement contraindicated to a medication or another supplement I’m taking?
  • Are they absorb-able, and effective?
  • How much is too much?
  • How much is too little?
  • What if I’m pregnant?
  • What specific supplements do I need?
  • Is the supplement achieving all of it’s purposes?
  • Am I taking all the age-appropriate supplements I should be?
  • Am I missing a major component of nutrition that I am not even aware of that I should be getting through supplements?

Dr. Opal Garman answers all of these questions for you in your consulting sessions. Knowing you are on the right track with nutrition and supplements allows you to focus on your wellness with peace of mind that you are safe and healthy!

Which brands of supplements are typically recommended?

Dr. Opal has completed hours of personal research to verify that we offer access to the safest and most effective supplements through our office. The two major brands of supplements we offer are Xymogen and Standard Process. We carry our most commonly sold supplement products in stock at all times, as well as offer the option of ordering online, and having your supplements delivered straight to your front door. Additionally, we provide access to other natural wellness products, such as Young Living Essential Oils and various stress relieving products like handmade, organic hot and cold packs!

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