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Upper Cervical Care is not a quick fix. Keep in mind that recovery from subluxations takes time. Your specific subluxation may have been present for decades, or maybe just a matter of months. You may feel better right away, you may feel exactly the same, or you may even feel worse before you feel better. What will happen immediately is that your body will begin to heal. Upper Cervical Care is not designed to make you instantly feel better – rather it’s intended to make you instantly heal better. This means you will start a journey of recovery right away. This journey takes time, it’s a process called “Retracing”.

What is retracing?

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Just as your body has taken a path to illness or injury it must journey a path back to recovery. Retracing IS a 100% natural phenomenon in holistic health approaches; it is NOT the exacerbation of poor health. Retracing is not seen with general medicine because medication inhibits, or stimulates, bodily functions as opposed to restoring health.

What will this Retracing Journey look like?

Imagine your subluxation as a road-trip with varying terrain. The length of your road-trip is determined by the amount of time you’ve had your subluxation. Some days the terrain is gentle and other days there are hills to climb and weather to combat. Now imagine that you must return to your initial state (of being). You must travel exactly the same terrain to arrive back at where you began, meaning you will encounter those same obstacles on your way back. The good news is that you WILL eventually arrive back where you began, where your body started, with optimal health and optimal functioning. In other words, your vertebrae are shifting back to their appropriate positions through the same route by which the misalignment occurred. It’s the difference between structurally healing versus adapting.

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Health is a series of small steps that takes you to a different place. Health is a journey. Your journey to health starts here.

The body was designed to heal itself naturally from within when the nervous system is able to communicate from the brain out to all the systems in the body, and back to the brain. A trauma can cause a subluxation to the spine causing the nervous system to misfire that vital communication from that point on. This is where the body begins to take a journey away from self-healing and toward disease and illness. When the subluxation is removed then the body is able to combat disease and illness.

Upper cervical chiropractors remove subluxations, and return the body to a state of optimal function and optimal healing.

Upper Cervical doctors are specifically trained to detect, analyze, and remove a subluxation of the spine. Because the body is unable to correct subluxations on its own, it requires an outside force. We use an instrument which delivers a gentle correction to only the cervical vertebrae in your neck. This gentle force does not cure illnesses; it does, however, rehabilitate the nervous system and allow the body to self-heal. It’s the nervous system which combats illnesses naturally from within the body! When the nervous system is free of subluxation, healing WILL occur! Imagine living life in a body with a nervous system that functions exactly how it is designed to function, what a life that would be!

Meet Tiffany, a wellness patient in our office!

Tiffany Hale.jpgTiffany is a patient at our office. She was suffering with headaches occurring four to five days a week, and severe migraines several times per month. Tiffany says, “I also had bouts of sciatica and severe seasonal allergies, which required daily medication. Overall, I was not feeling well, physically or emotionally.” Like many of our patients, she had tried many remedies that did not correct her poor health before eventually being introduced to Upper Cervical Care. One doctor recommended Tiffany have blood-work done in hopes of finding the cause of all of Tiffany’s symptoms.

What the doctor found in Tiffany’s blood-work is that she was living with critically high levels of inflammation in her body. Luckily for Tiffany, her doctor has been a patient at Upper Cervical Care and has referred many of his own patients to Upper Cervical Care. He referred Tiffany to our office and she began care right away. What she experienced was that she got worse before she got better. Her body was experiencing retracing! Because she had learned this might occur, she was prepared to stick with it; and eventually, she greatly improved! For Tiffany, this understanding brought her to better health than she ever imagined possible.

“Since beginning care my headaches have decreased to only a few times per month, and I have only experienced two migraines throughout the first year of care. I expected my headaches and migraines to improve, but I was surprised when I became completely free of allergies and sciatica pain! One of the most incredible changes that has happened is that my inflammation is now at optimal levels! All these positive changes have occurred and the only health care routine I changed was Upper Cervical Care. It’s made such a difference in the way I feel physically and emotionally. Upper Cervical Care has restored the quality of my life! I am so thankful, and I always refer to Dr. Garman!”

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