What to Expect at Your FREE Chiropractic Consultation

There are three steps to getting started as a new member.

  1. Chiropractic Consultation- FREE
    • This consultation is complimentary and lasts 15 minutes. The goal is to determine if we are a good fit for you and you are a good fit for us by reviewing your health issues and health history in order to discover if a subluxation of your spine may be causing your health issue.
  2. Physical Exam- $60
    • During the physical exam we will check for muscular imbalances, and use thermography to reveal signs of a subluxation.
  3. X-rays- $149
    • We will take a series of x-rays to determine the exact angles of your misalignment and subluxation, and spend considerable time developing a specific plan for you.

Between your first and second visit we will analyze your x-rays to build a plan of care specific to you, we call this your Subluxation Report.

At your second visit we review your Subluxation Report.

  1. Presented with your Subluxation Report- $129
    • The doctor will present your x-ray findings and your Subluxation Report, this report includes a specific plan of action for you.
    • After the doctor presents your Subluxation Report, a team member will present investment options. We provide the options to pay upfront, or make monthly payments toward care. Your first payment is due at this time, however, should you choose not to proceed with the recommended Care Plan the cost of the second visit is $129.
    • After committing to your individualized care plan you will receive your first correction, and be on your way to better health!


Schedule today and be on your way to better health!