Essential Oils and Pregnancy

Essential Oils and Pregnancy

Our family has been using essential oils for a year and a half now, and I am especially thankful for these little bottles during this season. Some people find it difficult deciding whether or not to use essential oils during pregnancy, and there are many different opinions out there. I cannot stress enough the importance of educating yourself on essential oils and discussing your use of them during pregnancy with a medical professional experienced with oils. Nonetheless, here’s what I have learned and discovered for myself…

I am currently 33 weeks pregnant with our second sweet babe, and this pregnancy has been so different from my first. I have felt each aspect of pregnancy so strongly from the beginning, and I have also felt so gigantically huge every single day. I am keenly aware of what awaits us this round as far as labor goes and the newborn days—the best and hardest moments. Beautifully, wonderfully excruciating.

There are no set-in-stone rules for essential oils and pregnancy, so do your research and avoid those oils that professionals suggest avoiding. My favorite resource has been Debra Raybern’s book, Gentle Babies. If you have children and/or are pregnant and using essential oils, this book is a must. I refer to it nearly daily. As a family, we have naturally gravitated toward a more natural home. Essential oils, specifically Young Living’s, have been a gift. It is so important to know and trust your oils, and Young Living is the only company who is entirely transparent and pure with its product. This was a no-brainer for us.

This pregnancy has not been any different in that it felt natural and organic to turn to oils. I decided it would be best to give you a little list of the oils I have used the most as well as the ones I plan to use in labor and beyond.

Best Essential Oils for Pregnancy

Frankincense – This is considered a gentle oil, and I love its earthy scent. It is in my homemade face serum along with lavender (seriously, you have to visit this blog) as it is also helpful for skin. It can be hormone/mood balancing, and I use it in a spray for stress/anxiety along with Bergamot, Joy, and Lavender. DiGize – There have been times during this pregnancy where I have scarfed down the most delicious, greasy, spicy, fatty foods that I knew good and well would punish me later. I did it anyway. And they did. I have tried to avoid them, okay, but I am just not that strong of a person, people. So in the case that I wolf down five Cadbury bunny eggs and my body has a difficult time digesting the stuff, I rub this diluted with coconut oil all over my belly.

Best Essential Oils for Labor and Delivery

Valor – This is a Young Living blend that is a great tool for emotional support during labor. I plan to use this for calming and balancing as I need it during labor.

Best Essential Oils for Baby

Gentle Baby – This a beautiful Young Living blend that is so versatile. I use it in a homemade body balm recipe along with lavender to moisturize my skin, especially my belly, every day. I use this same balm on our daughter, Evie, after her baths and plan to use it for little Eliot as well. Visit Amanda Watter’s blog for a great recipe. I massage a drop along my throat and chest if I’m experiencing more intense heartburn (always and forever) or on my belly if I’m in need some calm in the midst of pregnancy stress. This blend is touted for helping babies sleep and with tummy troubles, and we will most certainly use it on Eliot.

Lavender(*) – This is another oil that is just so versatile. It is in our body balm, we use it for help fighting seasonal discomforts, and I rub it on Evie’s feet before nap and bedtime as well as a drop on her pillow. Lavender and Cedarwood together are great for sleep, and my husband and I have a spray that we use on our pillows every night that is a blend of Cedarwood, Lavender, and Gentle Baby.

Peace & Calming – This is also a YL blend, and its name speaks for itself. This is also great for helping little ones with sleep troubles.

Best Essential Oils Post Baby

Joy – I plan to use this blend for postpartum support after Eliot is on the outside. I most certainly experienced crazy hormone swings after Evie was born, and I am giddy to have these oils on hand this time.

Fennel and Basil – These oils are said to increase milk supply if necessary, and I will have them on hand just in case.


I am 32-year-old wife to a patient man, Nate, and a mama to two precious gifts, Evie and Eliot. I follow Jesus who gives me grace upon grace every day.Jenny_Yarbrough.png

Young Living Oil Info:

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