Meet Our Compassionate Tulsa Chiropractors!

Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Tulsa has an outstanding husband and wife chiropractic team!

Tulsa chiropractors, Dr. Michael Garman and Dr. Opal Garman suffered through their own health hardships before finding their calling as holistic health providers. Their experience wasn’t unlike many of the people they have served throughout their twenty years in practice. They knew there had to be a way to achieve health outside of medication, so they buckled up for a journey of learning through finding their own health first. They found that there are many ways to reach and sustain health, but the most effective routes to total wellness happen with Upper Cervical Chiropractic, Healing Foods, and Healthy Emotions. They made a shift from the status quo of believing health is all about luck, to the hope that health is on purpose, and attainable for every single person regardless of their current health status. How and what they do comes from their WHY:

We believe God designed our bodies to heal without medication. We believe in building healthcare on this truth, and in standing against the lie that our bodies are destined for disease!

Dr. Opal splits her time between her chiropractic practice and her wellness practice, Breakthrough to Wellness. Dr. Michael serves within his chiropractic practice, and is currently working toward opening a pet chiropractic clinic. They have four children; two of their own, and two adopted through foster care. They attend Life Church in Tulsa, and are diligent and loving servants to their church, their community, and their practice.

Tulsa Chiropractors, Dr. Opal Garman   Tulsa Chiropractors, Dr. Michael Garman

Our Members Love Us!

We put our members first.

We are always learning and improving.

We serve with radical integrity.

We work together in harmony.

We operate with irrational generosity.

We always give the glory to God.