Chiropractic Care for Infant Digestion Problems

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Before Jennie became a patient in our office she was sick all the time. So often, in fact, that her parents were missing quite a bit of work as the daycare was calling on a regular basis reporting Jennie had high fever, vomiting, or severe diarrhea and must be taken home immediately. Her parents became frustrated when doctors were unable to tell them the CAUSE of Jennie’s poor health. Here’s the story of how one family got answers, stuck to their guns, and regained their daughter’s health.

Failure to Thrive

Jennie was adopted out of foster care and it’s likely that drugs and/or prescription medications were introduced to Jennie’s body during pregnancy. From the start Jennie’s immune system was depleted and her nervous system was negatively effected. Jennie came to live with her adoptive parents when she was seven months old, Brittany and Lance. Brittany remembers that Jennie appeared swollen, with dark circles under her eyes, and slept all the time. They didn’t waste any time getting her set up with her new pediatrician. They reported everything they knew to the pediatrician and he recommended seeing a nutritionist as he thought Jennie might be failure to thrive. According to him she was less than two points away from meeting the failure to thrive standards. The nutritionist confirmed Jennie was borderline failure to thrive and presented a nutrition plan to get Jennie back on track. The recommendations were increased fats, like avocados, eggs, healthy oils, and yogurt with live cultures. “Easy enough”, thought her parents and off they went to get Jennie healthy.

Jennie Continues to Decline

Jennie was about 11 months old and she continued to decline in health. She still slept a lot and was not yet crawling. Brittany and Lance were concerned that she wasn’t meeting milestones as she should be, and gave her pediatrician another call. Her doctor reported she was still borderline failure to thrive even though Jennie was following the nutritionist’s diet plan. She had gained no weight and no height. The doctor said this was all normal and to continue with the nutritionist’s plan. And so they did.


Jennie Can’t Seem to Get Healthy

At about 15 months Jennie started getting sick. Almost weekly her daycare would call and say Jennie needed to be picked up because she had a fever. After a few weeks of constant fevers Jennie’s parents took her back to her pediatrician. “She must have a virus that she can’t get over on her own, I recommend antibiotics and fever reducers to make her comfortable”, said her pediatrician. Jennie completed her round of antibiotics and just seemed to get worse. A few months later Jennie was having constant diarrhea combined with her fevers. Next, her pediatrician thought she might have a parasite and recommended another round of antibiotics. Jennie didn’t get better, in fact, she got a lot worse.

“As her mom, I felt so helpless and guilty. It’s my job to protect her and keep her healthy. I felt like I was failing. We were trying desperately to figure out what was going on, and the more strategies that didn’t work the more it seemed like the pediatrician was guessing. I was so frustrated!”, says Brittany.

Jennie Is Vomiting Every Night

By this time Jennie is 18 months old and her parents recall, “I remember being woken up to the sound of her screaming, it sounded like she was in a lot of pain and it scared me. We found her sitting on her bed covered in vomit. We cleaned her up and put her crib mattress next to our bed so we could monitor her. She vomitted approximately ten times that night. Keeping her fluids up was difficult. We thought it must’ve been a bug from daycare and it’d be gone in 24 hours. The next morning she seemed to feel fine, but we kept her home from daycare, just in case. We fed her lots of healthy foods and she drank lots of water, she didn’t have a fever all day that day.”

“The next night we were woken up by Jennie’s screams again, and the story is exactly the same. We called her pediatrician and he recommended antibiotics, saying she must have an infection. I just remember thinking, ‘if this is a viral or bacterial infection why is no one else in our home sick’? We didn’t follow the recommendations for antibiotics, instead we monitored her and began to record how often she vomitted. Again, she vomitted over ten times in one night. This went off and on for about a month. We made three trips to the emergency room where they’d put her on fluids and write a script for antibiotics because ‘she must have a virus’, they said. At the last emergency room trip I demanded they tell me more, they tested her urine to check for UTI, and they tested her stool to rule out a parasite. Both tests returned completely normal.”  

“At this point I was so lost! I wanted answers and nobody could tell me what was CAUSING my daughter to vomit every night. I felt like the doctors thought I was exagerrating her symptoms. I went back to her pediatrician and was resolved to demand answers. This time her doctor didn’t recommend antibiotics. He said it must be acid reflux. I remember thinking how absurd that sounded. After all, Jennie never got sick during the day and never after she ate. Nonetheless, the doctor wrote a prescription for acid reflux. I insisted that he was wrong because she only vommited in the middle of the night. I was tired. I felt like I hadn’t slept in months and I snapped back at the doctor that I didn’t believe his diagnosis could be accurate, and we left.”

Jennie’s Family Gets Hope

Jennie’s mom, Brittany, joined our team as a Chiropractic Assistant and Marketing Director right around the time Jennie was at her worst. As Brittany learned more and more about Upper Cervical Care and her daughter’s immune system the puzzle pieces started to come together. “I was working for Dr. Michael and Dr. Opal for about two months and Jennie had been under care for about six weeks. I remember reading all this material about the nervous system and trauma in preparation for fulfilling my marketing duties. Everything began to make sense. It was like a door swung wide open to all the answers I’d been searching for. It all came down to the fact that Jennie was unable to overcome even the slightest daily threat to her immune system because of the major traumas she’d already been exposed to. Major traumas which had caused a subluxation. (A subluxation is a misalignment of the vertebrae near the brain stam which impairs the central nervous system.) At barely two she had a laundry list of traumas – chemical trauma inutero, birth trauma, emotional trauma, and chemical trauma through prescription medications and foods filled with pesticides and GMO’s. Not to mention a general lack of nutrients throughout the first seven months of her life. The odds were stacked against her from the start. Her body was unable to overcome and had been in a state of crisis since the beginning of her life.”

We know that digestion problems are caused by a physical compression of the vagus nerve. Removing the compression removes digestive issues! Upper Cervical Doctors understand “the Vagus Nerve (also known as the “wandering nerve”) exits the upper cervical spine and descends down to the heart and the stomach. The Vagus Nerve helps to control heart rate, blood pressure, gastric (stomach) motility and gastric acid secretion”. Regardless of how many positive health decisions you make for your child, if the vagus nerve is compressed an Upper Cervical Correction is needed to restore function.

Jennie Gets Well

Jennie had been under care for about 3 months and was on no medications. Although there were a lot of positive changes happening in her health, the vomiting at night was still occurring. “Dr. Opal recommended we completely cleanse Jennie’s diet to find out if her body was unable to process certain foods. She thought Jennie might be reacting to gluten so we pulled gluten out of her diet. Jennie continued to vomit at night. Dr. Opal then recommended that we stop all dairy products as well. Now, this went against the recommendation of the nutritionist but we’d already seen so many positive changes that we agreed with Dr. Opal’s recommendation.”

“At her last visit to the nutritionist we were told to increase her milk intake in order to increase her fat, this was supposed to move her away from failure to thrive. But because we’d only seen progress with Jennie under Dr. Opal and Dr. Michael’s recommendations we pulled dairy completely out of her diet. Within a few days she was a new kid! And she hasn’t vomitted during the night since then.”


Jennie Continues Upper Cervical Care

We asked Jennie’s mom why she keeps Jennie under Upper Cervical Care. She says, “because I know how much trauma Jennie has to overcome. Her nervous system was a wreck! She wasn’t able to handle any changes in her diet or her routine without her immune system plummeting. I regret to say that I made the problem worse by giving her antiobiotics (more chemicals) and dairy, but I just didn’t know what was CAUSING her illness, and I trusted the recommendations of her nutritionist and pediatrician. I think I was doing what a lot of parents do, trusting medical professionals without questioning whether or not it was right.”

The Whole Family is Healthier Now

“I have a whole new outlook on what health is and how it’s acheived. I am so thankful for Pediatric Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care and what it’s taught me about how the human body functions. I am so grateful that Upper Cervical Care crashed into our lives. I thought we were living a healthy lifestyle, but there’s more to health than eating right and exercising. I live every day in full confidence that my family is healthy because I know their nervous systems are functioning fully. Upper Cervical Care rehabilited her nervous system, which allowed every other bodily system to work better. We no longer make decisions out of fear, instead we walk in confidence about the decisions we make regarding health. I’m happy to report that Jennie rarely ever gets sick. Even if she eats a little cheese, or has some ice-cream here and there, she’s okay because her body is able to handle the stress.”