A Closer Look at One Flu Death

The Story of San Jose Marathon-Running Mom of Three Went Viral Fast

The media latched onto and stoked the fire of the story of how Katie Denise Oxley Thomas suddenly died of the flu while being otherwise healthy. Before dissecting one specific article regarding her death, we want to state that this is a tragic story, our hearts mourn for Katie and her family, especially for her children. Our goal in confronting this particular case is to help shed light on what is truth and what is deception in this article. We aim to point out how media uses specific cases like Katie to instill fear in the public. “Every year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and pharmaceutical companies mount an aggressive campaign in the mainstream media to persuade Americans to get their flu shots.” (1)

The CDC does have an agenda. Their very own Dr. Glen Nowak, acting director of media relations for the CDC and associate director for communications for the NIP/CDC, gave a presentation regarding a flu vaccine awareness and uptake program. “Nowak’s presentation is supposed to be a short talk about how to best encourage the public to accept vaccinations and encourage vaccine uptake. However, the presentation is actually a list and chronological display of how to manipulate statistics, take advantage of mass media, create mass hysteria and capitalize on a witless and frightened public to achieve the aims of the CDC.” (2) Take a look at the presentation for yourself, it’s entitled “Increasing Awareness and Uptake of Influenza Immunization, you’ll notice slide titles such as “Recipe for Fostering Public Interest and High Vaccine Demand”. One bullet point on this slide specifically says, “Medical experts and public health authorities publicly (e.g., via media) state concern and alarm (and predict
dire outcomes) and urge influenza vaccination.” In other words, use mainstream media to create alarm among citizens by predicting dire outcomes. Plain and simple, this is fear based psychology at its best. Dr. Nowak calls for creating fear among the public, instead of working to put the public at ease. Ask any holistic health provider and they will tell you there is nothing to fear in the flu, and everything to fear in the media.

Let’s Get to Evaluating This Article About Katie, Put Out by The Mercury News

  1. The writer draws us into the article by forming a connection between us and Katie. They give us something to admire and awe about her – “Thomas was fun-loving, athletic — a marathon runner — and looking forward to starting a new job as an executive assistant at Applied Materials after the new year…and mother of three.”
  2. A timeline is given that creates fear – “But 48 hours after coming down with the flu on Jan. 2, the 40-year-old San Jose mother of three was dead.”
  3. The language used is unnecessarily cryptic. Furthermore, no evidence or source is sited regarding these claims – “The vicious outbreaks kicked in aggressively by early November, they say, and are now on track to being the worst in a decade.”
  4. The article goes on to state the number of deaths in specific counties and cities around California, however, because these deaths are related to the flu, it does not mean the flu was the ultimate cause of death. Neither do these claims take into consideration how many are vaccine related deaths.
  5. The autopsy was said to go public – “The results of an autopsy are expected to be released this weekend..” After searching the internet high and low, this autopsy has not been found. Furthermore, the media seemed to have dropped this story like a hot pocket right around that time. How suspicious.
  6. The media takes a statement from the grieving family and urges the public to take action. This is odd, especially considering the fact that the autopsy had not yet been completed, and flu had not been confirmed as Katie’s cause of death – “I would definitely tell people to get the flu shot,” he said. “I know it might not keep you from getting the flu, but it might keep you from dying from it.”
  7. Katie’s vehicular accident is most likely the catalyst which set her on the path to her death. Quite possibly the biggest clue regarding her death, funny enough, this ar
  8. ticle, along with many others about Katie, don’t even mention this as a possibility for the cause of death! Some articles don’t mention this at all, kudos to this writer for including it – “The impact from the car’s airbag left “her fingers in places they shouldn’t have been…Surgery to repair the damage “didn’t go well,’’ and another (surgery) was required. It led to an infection that was still evident on her hand while she lay in her hospital bed.”
  9. Two doctors failed Katie when they sent her home to rest with a flu diagnosis. Perhaps they weren’t aware of the localized infection in Katie’s hand, which was very possibly becoming sepsis by that point. Did her localized infection show symptoms similar to the flu, and so the doctor gave her a blanket diagnosis in order to get through his overloaded waiting room caused by “flu season” (in quotes because flu doesn’t actually have a season)? Meanwhile, Katie is at home developing pneumonia and going into septic shock. – “About 6 a.m. Thursday, Oxley said, her boyfriend called to meet him at the hospital. Not long after he arrived, they were told she had gone into septic shock.”

“Each year, an estimated 1 million Americans get sepsis1,2 and up to half of them die as a result.3,4,5 Sepsis is a progressive disease process initiated by an aggressive, dysfunctional immune response to an infection in the bloodstream, which is why it’s sometimes referred to as blood poisoning. While illnesses such as bronchitispneumoniastrep throat, kidney infection or even localized infections can turn septic, sepsis is most commonly acquired in hospital settings.6,7 Starting out with symptoms of infection, the condition can progress to septic shock, which may be lethal. Unless treated, sepsis can result in extremely low blood pressure that is unresponsive to fluid replacement, weakening of the heart and multiple-organ failure.” (3)

Katie’s Experience Should Have Been Better – They Let Her Down

Again, we want to iterate how heartbreaking this story is, and how heartbreaking it is that Katie’s death is being used to further mount the CDC’s agenda for pushing vaccinations. This is not a story of a loving mother of three and marathon-runner who died of the flu, this is a story of how two doctors at two different medical facilities, along with a group of post-op surgeons, failed to see the whole picture. They failed to connect all the dots. They failed to see an individualized case, and instead went with the narrative of the “flu season” which is pushed harder and further every year. Why? It’s a billion dollar industry.

Here’s how the article about Katie ended:

“Indeed, as hospital emergency rooms continue to be overwhelmed with flu patie

nts, public health officials everywhere are urging anyone who has not yet received a flu vaccine to get one as soon as possible. State public health officials said on Tuesday that most of the victims were adults — and 70 percent were not vaccinated. Experts say vaccines are especially important for people at high risk for serious flu-related complications that can lead to hospitalization and even death. That includes pregnant women; children younger than 5, but especially children younger than 2 years old; people 65 and older and people who have certain medical conditions, including asthma, diabetes and heart disease.” (3)

This article published by the San Jose Mercury News was not published to highlight a life well-lived, it was published to make you afraid. We want to end our article by bringing some good out of what happened to Katie.

Be Empowered By Katie’s Story!

  1. Never accept a verbal flu diagnosis without being tested. Get swabbed! It’s worth the wait.
  2. Avoid the flu shot altogether. This article has excellent evidence regarding flu vaccine injury and deaths.
  3. Avoid Tamiflu. Read this research on how deadly this medication is. If you decide to take medication, research that medication for yourself. Side effects are real!
  4. Research your doctor beforehand, don’t hesitate to ask what the protocol is for infections, specifically the flu. If it doesn’t match your beliefs then find a doctor who will look at other routes of healing, especially natural and holistic routes. Even better, find a doctor is all about prevention rather than treatment!
  5. Ask lots of questions and give lots of background information. Your health matters, your life matters. Don’t let doctors shuttle you through like cattle at 100 mph.

You can become empowered in making your own health and wellness decisions. Information is so readily available that you no longer have to blindly trust your doctor. Remember that presentation that the director of media relations at CDC gave? Well, here’s his most concerning statement, straight from his slide, “Health literacy is a growing problem”. In other words, the CDC, and possibly your doctor, do not want you to be health literate. We say, come on in and we will teach you about anything you want to know. We will answer any questions you have. And we will be as objective as possible, and give you the space and respect to decide for yourself what is best for your body.




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