30 Day Breakthrough to Wellness Consulting

Dr. Opal Garman has over 20 years of natural wellness expertise and patient care wisdom, which has allowed her to craft an outstanding wellness consulting practice called Breakthrough to Wellness. Her members are experiencing major breakthroughs in emotional and physical wellness within 30 days!

Start with discovering better emotional health through wellness consulting!

Many people find themselves blocked from experiencing optimal physical healing because they have yet to experience healing emotionally and spiritually. Health is more than physical. It’s also emotional, spiritual, and intellectual. There is bountiful research which proves that positive physical health is influenced by positive emotional health. People who cope better in stressful situations and show a greater appreciation for life have better physical health outcomes. Some side effects of better physical health are less or no medications, lower health costs, longevity, healthier relationships, less or no chronic illness, as well as better career outcomes. Emotional health influences every area of life!

How does wellness consulting work?

In your 30 Day Breakthrough to Wellness Dr. Opal  will expertly guide you through overcoming major emotional barriers in your life. Barriers which may have been standing in your way for months, years, or even decades. You may even become aware of barriers to emotional wellness which you do not even realize are holding you back from living your best life. Our wellness consulting is designed to give you all the tools necessary in order to breakthrough to a happier and healthier you! These tools are delivered to you in eight wellness consulting sessions which include assessing heart issues, finding strengths, recovering emotions, overcoming trauma, identifying stress triggers, assessing good and bad habits, and more. You’ll be expertly guided in discovering which area of healing needs primary focus, then given a plan to experience major breakthroughs. You can expect improvement in both emotional and spiritual health.

Wellness consulting also involves finding nutritional deficits!

Your Breakthrough to Wellness Experience would not be complete without a nutritional assessment from our Wellness Coach Laurie. Nutrients play a major role in how our brains and bodies function, and ultimately our ability to thrive in stressful situations. During your consultation Laurie will discover areas in which you are nutritionally deficit. You will strive to implement a number of nutritional recommendations in order to achieve your Breakthrough to Wellness.

Hear from those who have experienced a Breakthrough!

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