10 Ways to Prevent Sinus Infection Naturally

The CDC reports roughly 28.5 millions adults suffer from sinus infections every year, of those 11.7 million have been diagnosed with chronic sinusitis. That’s a significant portion of the U.S. population coming down with an avoidable virus if their immune systems are functioning at its fullest potential. Unfortunately many people are encountering the world daily with suppressed or disfunctioning immune systems, leaving them susceptible to all viruses they might encounter. Infectious Diseases Society of America reports “sinus infections are the No. 5 reason people are prescribed antibiotics.” 

If you read our previous blog you would’ve learned that 9 out of 10 sinus infections are actually caused by bacteria and how antibiotics are altogether useless against bacteria, in fact taking antibiotics for a virus can leave you sick for a longer period of time.

In this blog we’ve presented 10 ways to prevent sinus infections, or rather 10 ways to strengthen your immune system and find yourself sick less often.

10 Ways to Prevent Sinus Infection (Sinusitis)

Having a proactive approach to your health versus a reactive approach is key. For example, stress is known to suppress the immune system and therefore many people use stress relieving activities like exercise, meditation, massage, reading, prayer, etc.. to proactively combat stress. It’s proven that people who take this approach find themselves with reduced stress and in better overall health. Well the fact of the matter is, stress depletes the immune system, while exercise and rest boost the immune system. In actuality a person isn’t so much as fighting stress as they are replenishing their body’s natural ability to fight off foreign antibodies.

Here’s how to be proactive in warding off sinus infections by boosting your immune system:

  1. Stop taking antibiotics unless you are absolutely certain your illness is bacterial in nature. Ask your doctor if she is certain about your diagnosis to boost your health short term and long term. Overuse of antibiotics creates antibiotic resistance, in other words, continuing to take antibiotics for all types of infection allows bacteria to evolve immunity to antibiotics. Antibiotics are a necessary part of modern medicine, but do educate yourself on its side-effects and long term use effects, especially  when overused and used inappropriately.

  2. Avoid symptom suppressant cold remedies when treating any type of virus. Find natural ways to fight discomfort from symptoms. Remember, some symptoms are the body’s way of ridding itself of a virus. Suppressing a fever, cough, runny nose, or sneezing may actually prolong sickness. Essential oils, heat pads, ice packs, hot baths, and supplements are all safe and effective alternatives.

  3. Take supplements to give your immune system a serious boost. Zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D are essential supplements for winter health. Vitamin C actually kills both bacteria and viruses – that’s a way better alternative to antibiotics! Vitamin D is the sun in a bottle, and since we all get far less sunshine in the winter months many become vitamin D deficient and are left unable to fight of antibodies. But don’t get your supplements from anywhere, read here about the integrity of supplements.

  4. Take probiotics to balance the body’s good bacteria and bad bacteria. A healthy gut provides protection against infection and disease by boosting the immune system naturally.

  5. Food allergy symptoms, especially allergies to dairy products, can manifest in a variety of ways and contribute to the onset of sinus infections by creating an influx of mucus and inflammation. If your diet is heavy with dairy and you find that common colds often turn into something more serious, kick the dairy and see if your immune system strengthens. Aside from dairy there are a variety of foods that cause inflammation. The most common being beef and pork, sugar, salt, alcohol, and coffee. Watch your intake of these foods especially if your immune system is weak.

  6. For someone who already has inflamed nasal passages or an immune deficiency disease air-born toxins can easily lead to viral infections. The nose and sinus are the first defense against air-born toxins, but for someone with a cold and a suppressed immune system that first line of defense doesn’t always work properly. Keep good hygiene habits for your mouth, nose, and sinus cavity.prevention of sinus infection, reduce and rid toxins

  7. Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate some more!

  8. Be sure to get enough sleep every night, your immune system works overtime and gets a recharge during rest.

  9. Exercise to keep stress away and your immune system going strong.

  10. Ensure your nervous system is in excellent condition. When your spine is free of interference communication from the brain to the body flows freely. When there is interference signals get lost, even signals that alert your immune system to fire up against foreign invaders. Find out how Upper Cervical Care can keep you and your family healthy year round.

A healthy body and properly functioning immune system should ideally never come down with a cold. Many of our patients report never getting sick, even mothers are reported their children to have never needed an antibiotic or even a trip to the hospital. The list above is the same advice we give to all our patients and they are some of the healthiest people around!




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